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Soren ODST Halo Cosplay



Soren began cosplaying in 2016 after visiting his first convention. During his first costume creation, he quickly saw how hard it was to source certain costume pieces due to living in Australia, so set about creating items for himself and others in Australia to avoid lengthy and costly shipping times from the USA. Soren loves to hear about possible new creations, as well as giving advice on making things yourself, so don’t hesitate to send him a DM on Instagram or Facebook! 


At Spork Salad Creations, we make things for nerds, by nerds. We are always working on creating new product for nerds of all types, so while we are in our humble beginnings, please reach out if you have a product idea you would love to see!

The name “Spork Salad” was a random creation back in the old chat room days. It has no meaning! Yes, it’s a weird name, but it’s a memorable one, and although…encouraged…by family to change it, it is here to stay!

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