• A belt buckle kit worn by All Might in the anime Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia).


    This costume prop kit comes with the main buckle design and two 'loops' that slot into the back of the buckle. This item does NOT include a belt. 


    The belt buckle is 172mm wide and 123mm tall. The loops are designed to fit a wide range of belts, the max width being 40mm for the belt.


    If you would like the buckle to be scaled differently (say with a specific width or height), that can be arranged.

    The pieces are 3D printed in PLA plastic, so they are very durable and light.

    Printed in silver, but a different colour may be requested!


    'Priority Service' will bring you to the top of the list of customers to have their products printed and shipped out. 
    Please note that it DOES NOT mean express post, the shipping time will be as normal. Your item will just have priority while being printed and sent.


    The item is not officially licensed product and is considered FAN ART. 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask =)

    All Might Belt Buckle