• This is the Shiketsu High School Hat and collar from My Hero Academia (Boku No Academia) anime, worn by Cami Utsushimi!


    This listing is for the hat and collar combo, or just the collar. The Hat by itself is in a different listing in my shop.


    The badge is PLA plastic so it is very durable, and comes with a pin on the back so you can attach it to a hat. Available in either yellow or gold (see pictures), so please specify which colour you would like in the buyer's note! If no colour is mentioned, I will send you the yellow as that is what I think is closest to the anime =)


    The finished hat is as pictured and is as close of a replica as I could make. It is also adjustable to fit various head sizes with a standard adjusting clip at the back like most baseball caps have!


    The collar is made from a core of foam and covered in faux leather. I use velcro to open and close the collar, while a piece of the white ring is used to cover the join, hiding it from view. This allows the collar to look like a complete circle no matter which side it is viewed from!


    'Priority Service' will bring you to the top of the list of customers to have their products made and shipped out, so it is recommended if you are under time constraints!
    Please note that it DOES NOT mean express post, the shipping time will be as normal. Your item will just have priority while being printed and sent.


    The item is not officially licensed product and is considered FAN ART. 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask =)

    Camie Utsushimi Hat and Collar



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