• A belt and "pockets" based off the character Aizawa Shouta (Eraser Head) from Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia).


    The belt comes with 4 "pouches" made of plastic (not functional) and a belt with a simple buckle. The slot in the pouches for the belt are 50mm wide, so you can fit any sort of belt in there if you are not happy with the one provided. The pouches can be slid on the belt and adjusted, but if you want them stationary you would have to glue them in place (quite easy to do).


    The pieces are PLA plastic, so they are very durable and light. To save on shipping, the belt comes as a kit with everything you need. This also allows you to adjust them to the size that works best for you!


    'Priority Service' will bring you to the top of the list of customers to have their products printed and shipped out, so it is recommended if you are under time constraints!
    Please note that it DOES NOT mean express post, the shipping time will be as normal. Your item will just have priority while being printed and sent.


    The item is not officially licensed product and is considered FAN ART. 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask =)

    Eraser Head (Aizawa Shouta) Belt Kit