• A set of 3D printed goggles and belt + pockets based off the character Aizawa Shouta (Eraser Head) from Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia).


    This piece comes with the two eye pieces (measuring 38mm high and 65mm wide) and 18 slotted headband pieces (9 for each side). The eye pieces have 'handles' to allow you to attach the straps. The eye pieces come with black tinted lenses to hide your eyes behind the goggles, just like in the anime.


    The set also comes with a straps ready to go! They are designed to slot together so that the band is not visible, but are still flexible. You will be provided with plenty of strapping to achieve any size. All you need is a dab of hot glue or super glue to weld the strapping together and create a strong bond on itself! The set also comes with a buckle to make it super easy to remove from your neck, as well as providing the ability to adjust the size on the fly!


    The belt comes with 4 "pouches" made of plastic (not functional) and a belt with a simple buckle. The slot in the pouches for the belt are 50mm wide, so you can fit any sort of belt in there if you are not happy with the one provided. The pouches can be slid on the belt and adjusted, but if you want them stationary you would have to glue them in place (quite easy to do).


    The pieces are PLA plastic, so they are very durable and light. To save on shipping, the goggles and belt come as a kit with everything you need. This also allows you to adjust them to the size that works best for you!

    These goggles are intended for aesthetic purposes, and most likely will not be very comfortable when worn on your face. They are perfect for sitting around the neck however to add that extra flair to your cosplay!


    'Priority Service' will bring you to the top of the list of customers to have their products printed and shipped out, so it is recommended if you are under time constraints!

    Please note that it DOES NOT mean express post, the shipping time will be as normal. Your item will just have priority while being printed and sent.


    The item is not officially licensed product and is considered FAN ART. 

    Eraser Head (Aizawa Shouta) Goggles and Belt Kit