• This shiny Halo - Inspired lamp/night light is a perfect companion for your bedside table! Use it as either a decoration, or to fight away the terrors of the night in style!


    The sword measures about 46cm long, and while docked on the stand it's all about 50cm tall. The sword is designed with a minimalistic art style in a sexy frosted blue colour while the docking station is your classic Covenant purple. What elsewould you expect from the Covenant??


    The docking station has a row of LED's that glow blue and light up the sword while it is docked. The sword can easily be lifted out of the docking station at a moment's notice to defend against any invading Covenant ambushes, or conspiring cats (though mine clearly played the games and decided to rub against it instead...).


    The lamp comes fully assembled, and can either be plugged into a phone charging-style wall outlet (provided), or even into a USB computer port.


    These lamps are made to order, so please order ahead of time!


    If you would like any sort of customisation, please do not hesitate to ask! Maybe you'd like the Halo logo on the front of the base? Or maybe if it's a gift, you'd like the name of the person you're buying it for etched into the handle? I can facilitate any engravings you might desire to make your sword extra special and unique to you =)


    'Priority Service' will bring you to the top of the list of customers to have their products built and shipped out, so it is recommended if you are under time constraints!
    Please note that it DOES NOT mean express post, the shipping time will be as normal. Your item will just have priority while being made and sent.


    The item is not officially licensed product and is considered FAN ART. 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask =)


    Much love,
    Spork Salad Creations

    Halo Energy Sword Lamp



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