• I am offering a few different version of this kit, keep in mind this is all in the Australian dollar:

    1: The raw kit -$225. Comes with the helmet by itself with the visor section still in place (you will need to cut this out tp be able to add a visor). Also comes with two small 3D printed 'ear' pieces that need to be glued into the side of the helmet

    2: The 'ready for visor' kit -$275. Same as the raw kit, but the visor section has been cut out

    3: The 'ready to paint' kit - $350. Same as the previous, but it has been prepped for painting (any casting imperfections filled, sanded, primed)

    4: The completed helmet - $550. Fully painted and weathered helmet INCLUDING a coloured and reflective visor. 

    If you would like either of these add ons, they will be worked on to the same level as which helmet package you are paying for.

    Add ons:
    Black, Silver or Gold Visor: $75
    Forehead Piece: $60

    Please be aware that the raw kit will most likely come with small imperfections from the casting process that are easily fixed with some filling and/or sanding.

    "B" casts (casts that did not come out quite right but are still salvagable) will be sold for a discounted price (depending on the issue). Please enquire first if I have any available if you are interested in one!

    The 3D model for the helmet was provided by the fabulous Paul Spooner who did an amazing job. Check out his other works here: https://peripheralarbor.com

    Spartan Jorge (Grenadier) Helmet - Halo Reach



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